3 Point Products Ultra Spica

3 Point Products Ultra Spica

3 Point Products Ultra Spica
Item# 3PP-P3100-XX
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descriptionThe 3PP Ultra Spica is semi-flexible, weighs just one ounce and provides light, effective thumb and wrist support. Use the 3pp Ultra Spica to reduce the pain of arthritis, tendinitis or conditions caused by repetition and overuse.


Lightweight plastic is lined in soft felt for cushioning and comfort and the flexible material contours to your hand as it is strapped on. Allows you to carry out daily activities comfortably and may be used at night to rest your wrist and thumb. Supports the thumb and wrist in a neutral position to rest inflamed ligaments and tendons. Moderate Support

Sizing and Order Information

Instructions: Measure the length from the IP joint (knuckle at the end of the thumb) to the wrist. 3-Point Products is not responsible for incorrect or improper sizing or fit of splints.

Right Left Fits Sm P3100-R2 P3100-L2 3" to 3 1/2'' Med P3100-R3 P3100-L3 3 1/2'' to 4'' Lrg P3100-R4 P3100-L4 4'' to 4 1/2''
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