E-Z Dressing Aid 24" w/Shoehorn

ArcMate E-Z Dressing Aid 24" or 30" w/Shoehorn
ArcMate E-Z Dressing Aid 24" or 30" w/Shoehorn
Item# ARC-7177_CM-10602
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Product Description

24" Long * Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clothing * Smooth and rounded push hook slides safely along skin * Big, soft foam handle * Inside shaft is resilient plastic which will flex if accidentally sat on or stepped on * Durable and long lasting * The very economical price is less than the traditional stick and shoehorn * The DressEZ® can reach clothes hangers from clothing rods high in closets, as well as, pick up clothing from the floor or reach shoes from under the bed * Help pull on clothes after surgery * The shoehorn is narrow enough for dress shoes * The S-hook helps to put on and take off socks too * Lightweight - this 24" model weighs 4.4oz (124g) *

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