Axelgaard PALS® Electrodes

Axelgaard PALS® Electrodes
Axelgaard PALS® Electrodes
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Product Description

Designed for all FES and TENS applications, PALS Platinum neurostimulation electrodes combine a patented stainless steel knit cloth, a patented hydrogel, and an exclusive impedance compensation system. Patented conductive cloth provides the ultimate in flexibility and conformity. The impedance compensation system ensures optimal current distribution. Patented dual layer MultiStick¨ hydrogel provides comfort and optimizes multiple applications to the skin. Proprietary lead wire technology. Each exclusive lead wire contains over 1,000 strands of stainless steel as the current carrier. Achieves optimal current and maximizes conformity Svelte 2 mm carbon film (as opposed to typical 4-5 mm thick).

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