Can withstand 500 pounds of pressure, and can be re-inflated using standard bicycle pump and pump adapter.

BodySport Vestibular Balance Disc - 13"
BodySport Vestibular Balance Disc - 13"
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Product Description

This core balance disc by Body Sport® is a great introduction to balance training. One side is smooth and the other is tactile. It's the perfect equipment to get you familiar with balance training. The balance disc can be deflated to 1" thickness or inflated to 2" thickness for maximum comfort and to vary the difficulty level of your workout. Use the equipment for balance and stability exercises while standing or sitting. Roomy enough to stand on with both feet. Inflate to your desired level with a foot pump. Available in blue only. Similar in movement and shape to a fitness ball when used on any seat Can be used as a dynamic cushion to activate major muscle groups, or as a standing disc for balance training and lower extremity strengthening Features one tactile side and one smooth side Inflates with a standard pump Can be deflated to 1" thickness, or inflated to 2" thickness 13.8" (35 cm) diameter Blue

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