BrownMed Herbst Cradle

BrownMed Herbst Cradle
BrownMed Herbst Cradle
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Product Description

The Herbst Cradle is a patented ankle-foot orthopedic device made of soft, ripstop nylon. It is designed to cool and sooth irritated skin and keeps sensitive toes from irritating sheet abrasion while disabled. The anti-bacterial filling is strategically placed, creating a soft cradle that alleviates pressure to the heels and ankle while allowing proper blood flow. A pocket of beads is strategically placed in the center wall of the leg portion to enhance blood circulation. A plastic support keeps the foot at a 90 degree angle while resting in bed. An anti-rotation bar prevents rotation and is adjustable for the left or right foot. Hook and loop fasteners allow for secure and expedient application.

Sizing: US shoe size Small 5 or less 6 or less Medium 5-9.5 6-10.5 Large >9.5 >10.5

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