BrownMed Sealed Ice Shin Ice

BrownMed Sealed Ice Shin Ice
BrownMed Sealed Ice Shin Ice
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Shin Ice is an effective treatment of inflammation and pain associated with stress of the lower leg. Shin Ice was designed to provide therapeutic cold therapy and compression treatment for shin splints, bruises and muscle strains. Made of a neoprene sleeve with Sealed Ice inserts along the front of the lower leg, Shin Sleeve provides both the cold therapy and compression recommended by doctors. It also allows mobility during cold therapy. Place Shin Ice in the freezer; when it is cold, slide it on the leg for 15-20 minutes, 4 to 6 timer per day. Shin Ice is excellent to use with sport activities, including cross-country, track and soccer or with excessive inward or outward rotation of the foot. Ice pack is non-removable, cannot be replaced.

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