BrownMed Steady Step Walker Low Top

BrownMed Steady Step Walker Low Top
BrownMed Steady Step Walker Low Top
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Product Description

The Steady Step Walker is a removable walking cast that provides easy access for your doctor to examine the extremity, flexibility to tighten the cast as edema subsides and muscles atrophy, permits the patient to remove the walker for showering or bathing and shortens the healing time. The Steady Step Walker is the lightest walker on the market, and the low-profile rocker bottom also permits a natural gait, reducing any hip displacement or locking of the knee. Several unique characteristics include an ankle stabilization system with a flexible locking tongue and adjustable criss-crossed ankle straps. Adjustable features allow for customizing the Steady Step Walker for flat feet, arch support, shock absorption, heel stabilization, and is also adaptable for diabetic wound care. The Steady Step Walker is recommended for immobilization and wound care treatment, including treating stress factures, severe ankle sprains, chronic ankle injuries, post-surgical immobilization, and chronic plantar fasciitis. It is available in both standard and low top versions.

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