Corflex Philadelphia Hard Cervical Tracheotomy Collar 5.25"

Corflex Philadelphia Hard Cervical Tracheotomy Collar 5.25"
Corflex Philadelphia Hard Cervical Tracheotomy Collar 5.25"
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This two piece designed cervical collar comfortably fits around the neck to properly support the spine. The large trachea opening allows easy access and the best patient usability. This philadelphia neck collar is also available in a pediatric size for those children who have had some form of spinal procedure.Philadelphia Collar for Spinal Fusion & Cervical Spine InjuriesSpinal fusion is a serious procedure that connects two or more vertebrae in the spine due to broken vertebrae, spine deformities, and other symptoms. This procedure changes the way the spine moves and needs to be properly supported during the recovery process. This philadelphia cervical neck collar immobilizes the upper spine to ensure that further problems do not happen.The Best Cervical Collar for after Discectomy Surgical ProcedureIf you have had or will be having a discectomy, it will be important to utilize a cervical collar for the most efficient rehabilitation. A discectomy is a form of surgery to remove a herniated disc that is putting pressure on the spinal cord. This cervical band properly supports the neck and stabilizes the spinal column to allow the repaired area to recover properly.This is a large neck immobilizer for after spinal surgery, car accident or other problems with the neck and cervical spine area. It fits comfortably around the neck, allowing the chin to rest on the brace for the most comfortable patient immobilization. By keeping the neck from performing unwanted motions that could cause further injury, the repaired spinal column is recovered quickly and correctly.Features of the Corflex Philadelphia Cervical Collar with TracheaAnatomically fitted for the best stability to the neck and spinal column. The trachea opening keeps the airway clear and allows users easy access during rehabilitation and recovery following emergency tracheotomy procedures.

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