Corflex Contender Knee Brace 13" R.O.M. Hinge

Corflex Contender Knee Brace 13" R.O.M. Hinge
Corflex Contender Knee Brace 13" R.O.M. Hinge
Item# CFX-88-840X-000
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The Contender offers the convenience of a wrap above the knee and a sleeve below the knee. It is recommended for noncontact sports and activities of daily living. The polycentric hinge with contoured condyle shell has aluminum uprights and offers full flexion and extension control with settings at 0, 15, 30, 60 and 90. Also available in CoolTex, a neoprene alternative material. Features R.O.M. hinges with contoured condyle shells that allow for full flexion and extension control along with convenience of a sleeve below the knee and benefits of an adjustable wrap above the knee; available in two lengths Indicated for medial/lateral instability, muscle/ligament weakness or injury, ACL/PCL moderate instability, strains or sprains and degenerative joint disease where extension/flexion control is required Manufactured from either premium grade latex-free neoprene with suede hinge cover or CoolTex, a neoprene alternative

Sizing Guide: Measure 6" Above Mid-Patella S 16-18" M 18-19" L 19-22" XL 22-24" 2XL 24-26" 3XL 26-28" 4XL 28-30"

Measure Mid-Patella S 12-14" M 14-16" L 16-18" XL 18-20" 2XL 20-22" 3XL 22-24" 4XL 24-26"

Measure 6" Below Mid-Patella S 11-13" M 13-15" L 15-17" XL 17-19" 2XL 19-21" 3XL 21-23" 4XL 23-24"

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