Corflex Genumedi Knee Sleeve Beige

Corflex Genumedi Knee Sleeve Beige
Corflex Genumedi Knee Sleeve Beige
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Product Description

The Genumedi Knee Support with Silicone Patella-Ring is made of a compressive knit material. This in conjunction with a silicone donut around the patella helps improve circulation and leads to rapid absorption of hematomas and edema. The brace improves proprioception to reinforce muscular strength. The Genumedi knee features flexible stays on the sides to prevent turning down of the material from the top. Vertical silicone-textured swaths run vertically inside on both sides of the knee to prevent the support from slipping out of place.

-specially designed silicone ring enclosing the patella -non-slip system with textured silicone running medially and laterally -highly elastic, active breathing and moisture-transporting clima-comfort® fabric -specially knitted comfort-zone takes pressure off the back of the knee and prevents constriction -maximum pressure relief for the patella due to the special inner border for the silicone ring

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