Core Products Memory Plus Pillow # 191

Core Products Memory Plus Pillow # 191

Core Products Memory Plus Pillow # 191
Item# CORDS-191
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descriptionBy layering premium memory foam atop a therapeutic foam base, Core has created the perfect orthopedic pillow for memory foam lovers who need greater neck support: the Memory Plus™. As its resilient, precision-cut foam base offers therapeutic neck support, the accommodating top layer conforms to your head for a soothing, customized fit. Together, they help restore the natural curvature of the neck during the Correct stage of the TriCare Circle of Health , reducing neck, shoulder and back pain, and alleviating the symptoms of tension headaches and arthritis discomforts. You’ll reap benefits of improved sleeping posture, into the Maintain stage, helping ensure long-term health.

The Memory Plus features neck lobes of two heights, 3.5" and 4.5" (11 cm and 9 cm), as further comfort and customization options. Covered with a removable plush fabric cover for even more soothing comfort. 18" x 14" (46 cm x 33 cm). Discuss with your physician, order and enjoy the comfort of this dreamy combination.

* Premium memory foam layer for extra comfort.

* Precision-cut foam base provide added cervical, neck support.

* Ensured durability and performance.

* Soft, removable plush cover.
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