Core Products Mid-Core Standard Pillow # 221

Core Products Mid-Core Standard Pillow # 221

Item# COR-221
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descriptionThe Tri-Core Cervical Pillow’s unique trapezoid center gently cradles your head and supports the neck in its natural position to help alleviate the pain that accompanies numerous maladies. Made with premium quality fiber.

The same great Tri-Core performance in a mid-size options provide comfort for children and young teens, as well as smaller- and average-size adults.

The Mid-Core is especially suitable for those in the Correct and Maintain stages of care: see our TriCare Circle of Health to learn how doctors show their patients which pillow is right for them).

More on our Tri-Core Pillow:

The Tri-Core is the #1 fiber support pillow recommended by the medical professionals who most commonly treat neck and head pain. In addition to alleviating pain caused by many conditions, airway blockage – a major cause of snoring – may also be helped (You’re welcome, grateful spouses!).

Most people experience an increase in sleeping comfort within a couple of days of using this pillow. Others may require up to two weeks before the neck and back muscles adjust to their proper position. The Mid-Core fits easily in a standard-sized pillowcase; Standard version features a white 100% cotton cover.
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