Cramer E4 Ess Calf Compression Sleeve

Cramer E4 Ess Calf Compression Sleeve
Cramer E4 Ess Calf Compression Sleeve
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Cramer's ESS Ankle Compression Sleeves are designed for athletes who need mild compression, increased blood flow, and endurance. The compression is medical grade, providing improved circulation that allows for faster recovery as lactic acid is more thoroughly removed from the muscles. The quick drying, moisture transfer design and unique knitted fabric of the ESS Ankle Compression Ankle Sleeve guarantee athletes will experience exceptional stretch and comfort, with a lightweight fit. And you'll hear no complaints about pressure points and chafing, thanks to the sleeve's seamless construction. Bob adds, "Using this sleeve, we get better athlete compliance than with other products because it's more comfortable. And our athletes comment that they like the way the opening at the toe is finished off so it doesn't unravel." Hygiene issues received important consideration as the ESS Ankle Compression Sleeve was developed, and you (and many others!) will surely appreciate its anti-microbial finish that provides excellent odor management. Bob notes, "The ESS ankle sleeve holds up extremely well in the laundry, and after being washed it goes back to its original level of compression."

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