Pulley system SI belt made from breathable nylon fabric. Provides excellent pain relief. Sold each; 2 sizes available.

Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt
Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt
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Product Description

The Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt provides stabilization of the sacroiliac (SI) joints through direct circumferential compression utilizing the 3 to 1 ratio patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System. The product is made from breathable nylon fabric that breathes instead of trapping heat next to your skin, and has a low profile design for patient comfort. The Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt has additional, adjustable pressure pads to provide added comfort around the gluteal region. Patients appreciate the single pulley cord design which cinches smoothly by using just one hand. For patients wanting a low profile, less bulky SI product, the Cybertech Low Profile SI Belt provides excellent pain relief for sacroiliac strains or arthritis. Sold each; 2 sizes available.

Measurement is based on circumference of your waist: Small - up to 35" Standard - 35"-50"

Shorter style - low height for a lower profile fit. Features a pully system that provides a 3:1 mechanical pulley advantage. Black color hides under clothes easily. Provides excellent compression for SI pain relief. Provides conservative treatment of sacroiliac strain, arthritis, and SI pain. Single pulley draw cord cinches up easily using a single hand. Excellent for post partum symphysis pubis dysfunction with pads removed. Latex-free.

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