Baseline Hand Held Body Fat Monitor

Baseline Hand Held Body Fat Monitor
Baseline Hand Held Body Fat Monitor
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Product Description

Hand-held body fat analyzer produces a body fat percentage reading without having to pinch skinfolds. Baseline dual grip tester measures body fat and water %. It has a range of 4%-45% body fat, 37.8%-66% body water with 0.1% resolution. 8-person memory. Adult and child user modes. 3V CR2032 battery included.

Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 2"

Body/Fat Hydration device is not suitable for use with the following conditions: ​- Children under 10, and adults over 80. ​- People with symptoms of fever, edema, osteoporosis. ​- People on dialysis treatment. ​- People taking cardiovascular medicine. ​- Pregnant women. ​- Athletes who undertake more than 10 hours of intensive sport activity. ​- Those with heart pulse rate under 60 beats/minute. ​- People with pacemakers or other medical implants with electronic components should not use this device. Performance of such implant may be greatly impaired.

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