CROM 3 - Cervical Range of Motion Instrument

CROM 3 - Cervical Range of Motion Instrument
CROM 3 - Cervical Range of Motion Instrument
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Product Description

The CROM has set the standard for cervical range of motion measurements. The CROM 3, the next generation of measurement instruments, utilizes a ball technology that makes the CROM 3 easier to read and easier to use.

The CROM 3, like the CROM, is located to anatomical landmarks with inclinometers zeroed to the instrument frame, thus eliminating initial head position and location errors. Securing the frame to the head with straps eliminates tracking errors since the inclinometers will not slip in reference to the head during measurements.

A compass is used for rotation measurements, allowing measurements to be made in the preferred upright position. As the head rotates the compass indicates the angle of rotation in reference to the shoulders, allowing fast, accurate readings.

Benefits of the CROM 3: The CROM 3 has three-inch dials which makes measurements readable to one degree. The ball indicator on the CROM 3 inclinometers reduces sensitivity to vertical orientation Improved location of the Sagittal meter The rotation arm on the CROM 3 is attached to the side of the CROM (instead of the front) making the CROM more comfortable for the patient. The arm on the CROM 3 is one inch lower than the original CROM which makes measurements easier for the examiner to read. A specially adapted Forward Head unit is available for the CROM 3. As with the original, the CROM 3 Head Forward unit measures the head position relative to the seventh vertebra. Use the CROM 3 to measure: Sub-occipital flexion and extension Cervical Flexion and extension Rotation and Lateral side bend Rounded Shoulders Optional Forward Head Unit for protrusion, retraction and dorsal glide measurements.

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