Life-Tech Iontophoretic Reuseable Hydrogel Dispersive Electrodes

Life-Tech Iontophoretic Reuseable Hydrogel Dispersive Electrodes

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descriptionThe model 6585 electrode is a single patient reusable return electrode that provides a cost effective alternative to other return electrode designs at up to 60% savings.

Its construction features a rewettable hypoallergenic hydrogel.

It is available in two sizes: 6585SR - 2" x 2" & 6585LR - 3" x 4"

The Meditrode® Iontophoresis Electrode Systems provide an easy to use, convenient, cost effective means of administering drugs with an iontophoretic applicator. Many sizes are available, and feature a flexible backing on a conformable absorbent pad. This makes local iontophoretic drug delivery easier and safer than ever.

Can be used with most iontophoretic devices (empi, phoressor, Ionto plus). Meditrode® is indicated for administration of ionic solutions to a localized area of the body.A clincal alternative to injections for administering drugs in physical rehabillitation, sports medicine and anesthesiology. Manufacturer suggests return electrode be larger than delivery electrode.


Flexible Packaging - Extremely Cost Effective.

No Needles Required - Easy to Fill/Refill- Use as delivery or return Vents Prevent Gas Buildup/Open Circuit

pH Buffer Provided - Each box contains 20 active electrodes and 20 alcohol preps.

Contours to Body - Less Risk of Erythema
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