Acuforce Massage Star Massager - Massaging Tool XL - Blue

Acuforce Massage Star Massager - Massaging Tool XL - Blue
Acuforce Massage Star Massager - Massaging Tool XL - Blue
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Product Description

Acuforce® Soft Tissue Therapy Tools

Athletic trainers often focus on ice and heat to keep athletes in prime athletic condition. Recently, however, a new technique has been added to athletic training and physical therapy regimens. Massage therapy, now used by osteopaths, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and physical therapists in addition to massage therapists, is gaining increasing support as a means to strengthen muscles, prevent injury, and repair muscle damage. Acuforce® Soft Tissue Therapy Tools, used for therapeutic massage, are ideal for muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and cross-fiber friction techniques. Whether treating an athlete who has completed a tough workout or a person who suffers from Sciatica, Acuforce® Soft Tissue Therapy Tools are an ideal way to give patients the deep tissue therapy they need. Massage Star® The Shining Star of Massage Therapy

Massage Star™ is the newest addition to the Acuforce® family. Available in a standard 11 oz. size as well as the XL (16 oz.) for larger hands, the Massage Star™ is three tools in one. The Wedge, on the top of the star, is perfect for muscle stripping and cross-fiber friction. The wide and narrow points, meanwhile, are ideal for trigger point therapy and reflexology. The Massage Star™ can be used by a professional, but it is also great for self-use. It's small enough that it can easily fit into a pocket or a purse. Massage Star™ also can be used with massage creams and oils.

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