DSS Freehand Wrist Brace

DSS Freehand Wrist Brace
DSS Freehand Wrist Brace
Item# NCM-HW465
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Product Description

Adjustable, low-profile dorsal splint for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Designed to prevent extreme wrist flexion and help maintain a neutral wrist. Allows full hand use without contact or pressure over the carpal tunnel. Made of soft tubing that fits around the middle finger and attaches to a 1" (2.5cm) wide dorsal leather bound forearm support. The soft hook and loop straps can be positioned anywhere on the support piece for proper fit and comfort. Open design allows the hand to remain cool and dry, the skin to sense fully and the hand to reach into pockets or other tight places. Allows for hand washing without splint removal. To clean splint, wash by hand and air dry. Original design developed by Roy A. Meals, MD. Patent pending. Universal size: fit all hands, left or right. Latex free.

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