Achieva Sock Assist

Achieva Sock Assist
Achieva Sock Assist
Item# NCM-NC3250X
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Product Description

The easy-to-use Achieva™ Sock-Assist™ lays flat on the floor, accommodates feet and calves of all sizes, has a nonstick surface and pulls the sock up the calf instead of releasing it at the ankle. Its innovative design allows easy donning of socks or knee-high nylons using one or two hands. Also works with elastic compression hose. Available in three styles. Its unusual looking features make this sock aid extremely effective:• Two side wings keep the sock on the Achieva™ Sock-Assist™ until it is released on the calf.• Center tongue helps ease the sock onto the device.• Flexible polypropylene gives to accommodate socks.• Flat bottom surface prevents the Achieva™ Sock-Assist™ from rolling.• Wide foot bed accommodates average to wide feet.• Contoured side walls help hold the sock on the device.• Rear flares prevent the cord from rubbing against the skin.• Textured surface prevents skin from sticking to the sock aid.• Loop and Cord handles can be cut to adjust length. Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

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