Dycem Non-Slip Mat Rectangle

Dycem Non-Slip Mat Rectangle
Dycem Non-Slip Mat Rectangle
Item# NCM-NC3510X
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The most effective patented non-slip material on the market, Dycem is not sticky but grips on both sides to prevent movement on dry, slippery surfaces. The Large Dycem No Slip Mats can be used on trays and tables and carts to prevent plates and cups from sliding. Mats can be used under mixing bowls and chopping boards to hold them firmly in place and consequently reduce the risk of accidents. Mats can stabilize a range of items, such as telephones, calculators or writing paper, notepads, games and other items for clients with limited grip or mobility. They are helpful when writing, drawing, painting, playing a game or doing a puzzle. ***Variety of sizes available for different uses. Clean with soapy water to retain tackiness. Must be dry before using - not effective when wet. Dycem Non-Slip Mat Features:Reduce the risk of accidents. Mats can be used under just about anything, and won't let anything slip. Dycem Non-Slip Mat Specifications:Large Mat measures 10 x 14 inches. Color choices - blue, red and yellow. Not effective when wet.

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