Advance Putty Kit, Large

Advance Putty Kit
Advance Putty Kit
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Create infinite levels of progressive resistance by stretching and folding this unique putty. Non-oily and fragrance-free, the Advance™ Putty Kit includes one pink Base Putty and four individually packaged, blue 9cc Power Packs. Pliable Power Packs blend into the Base Putty. Adding a partial or whole Power Pack to the pink Base Putty creates a more resistive putty. Advance™ Putty is designed for all squeezing and stretching hand exercises. Squeeze the putty and feel the resistance. Stretching and folding the putty increases the resistance even more. The more you stretch it, the more it resists! Ideal for home use clients can progress independently. The 55cc Base Putty is approximately 2-1/2 oz. (71g) of standard exercise putty, which is ideal for beginning exercises. The Regular Kit has four Power Packs, which increases the mixed putty to 90cc, about 5 oz. (142g). The Large Kit has six Power Packs, which increases the volume to 137cc, about 7) oz. (220g). Product photo may not exactly match the product offered for sale. Please refer to the product description.

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