Color coded latex free rubber resistance bands intended for replacement use in Norco brand hand exercisers (sold separately). Available in 4 color/resistance options. Each color sold separately

Color-Coded Latex Free Rubber Bands - 3 oz. bag
Color-Coded Latex Free Rubber Bands - 3 oz. bag
Item# NCM-NC52011-X
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Product Description

Color-Coded Latex Free Rubber Bands - These Color-Coded Rubber Bands are latex-free and resistance measurements are based on estimated pounds of force. These are intended for use as replacement bands for the separately sold Norco Hand Exerciser Standard or Deluxe Model. Each bag is 3 oz., sold individually and contain various number of bands. Choose the color that coincides with the resistance level sought.

Color Options (each sold separately): Yellow - Extra Light Red - Light Green - Medium Blue - Heavy NC52011-1/Yellow-Extra Light, Width: 1/8"(3 mm) Force: 3 lbs(1.4 kg)Approx. Qty: 170-180

NC52011-2/Red-Light, Width: 1/4"(6 mm) Force: 7 lbs. (3.2 kg) Approx. Qty: 76-90

NC52011-3/Green-Medium, Width: 3/8"(9.5 mm) Force: 11 lbs.(5.0 kg) Approx. Qty: 31-41

NC52011-4/Blue-Heavy, Width: 1/2"(1.27 mm) Force: 14 lbs.(6.4 kg)Approx. Qty: 25-35

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