Loving Comfort Postpartum Support - White

Loving Comfort Postpartum Support - White
Loving Comfort Postpartum Support - White
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Product Description

Loving Comfort Postpartum Support - White- supports your abdomen after delivery, helping you return to your regular activities, and wardrobe, sooner. Especially ladies delivering via C-Section find its firm but gentle support helpful and comforting as they heal, holding them in a natural way.

Whether natural or C-Section birth, this postpartum support lifts and supports your abdomen, transferring weight evenly and comfortably to your spine...where nature intended it. It simply adds to your natural support, reducing the strain on your tissues and providing immediate relief.

Because it doesn't show under clothing, your postpartum support will help you look as good as you feel. This support is designed so that it is easy to put on without assistance. It is made of latex-free, whisper soft elastic. Available in white only and approximately 8" high.

For proper fit and maximum effectiveness, use the size chart to order the correct size*.

Note*: Hygiene item; braces and supports are not returnable once worn.

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