CMO Mother-to-Be Maternity Support Relieves muscles and ligaments strain by transferring the weight of the abdomen to the spine.

CMO Mother-To-Be Maternity Support - with Insert
CMO Mother-To-Be Maternity Support - with Insert
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Product Description

The Mother-To-Be transfers the weight of the abdomen back to the spine, where the body carries it naturally. By shifting the weight within the center of gravity, this pregnancy support relieves strain on muscles and ligaments while preventing distortion of the lumbar curve. Lifting and supporting, it relieves stress from the abdominal muscles and reduces pressure at the pelvis for improved circulation. It also relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve. The easy-to-use Mother-To-Be features a contoured, cushioned abdominal lift pad that supports without unwanted compression. Securing with hook-and-loop straps, the maternity support can expand as baby grows. The Mother-To-Be is clinically proven to be safe and effective. Contains Latex.

Size According to Pre-Pregnancy Dress Size; Small (0050-SML) - fits dress sizes 3-8 Medium (0050-MED) - fits dress sizes 9-14 Large (0050-LRG) - fits dress sizes 15-18 X-Large (0050-XLG) - fits dress sizes 19-21 2X-Large (0050-2XL) - fits dress sizes 22-26

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