Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows - Comfort and Correct Spine Alignment

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows - Comfort and Correct Spine Alignment

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillows - Comfort and Correct Spine Alignment
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descriptionTherapeutica® Sleeping Pillows are the only pillows that allow you to sleep on your back and/or side in the correct spinal alignment comfortably.

Two pillow shapes are incorporated into one with different heights for back and side sleeping. Unique wedge to support the upper back. Helps to eliminate sore and stiff neck problems from sleeping incorrectly.

TMJ sufferers can comfortably sleep on their side.

The pillow is patented for both design and function.

Reduces snoring.

Five year warranty not to lose shape or resilience.

Comes with a free fitted polyester/cotton machine washable zippered pillow cover.

Fits into a standard pillow case.

Made of non-allergenic environmentally-friendly foam.

Not only an investment in a pillow, but an investment in your future health.

Size Matters: One size does not fit all! Measuring is simple...Use this step by step guide to be professionally measured.

1. Measuring guide available as either a Word Document or PDF. 2. Have someone assist in measuring you. 3. Have them measure your left shoulder. 4. Move your shirt collar, if it interferes. 5. Stand Facing the person who is measuring you. 6. Arms down to your sides. 7. Have the person measuring you, hold the ruler to the base of the neck. 8. Keep the ruler Level across the shoulder area. (The ruler will raise off the shoulder.) 9. While holding the ruler in place, with their left hand, your assistant should feel for the humorous bone with their right hand. Note: Ignore any muscle mass beyond the humerus on the exterior of the shoulder or on the lower arm. 10. Compare size on the ruler, above the end of the humerus, with the diagram in the measuring guide to order your pillow.

Trying is Believing! Once you have tried a Therapeutica® Sleeping Pillow, you will understand why we believe it is the Best Pillow On The Market Today, for proper spinal alignment, offering a comfortable therapeutic sleep for both back and side sleeping.

We carry Child, Petite, Average, Large & X- Large versions.

Once opened this item is not retunable.

Due to dimensional weight restrictions this is not available for shipping outside of the contiguous United States.
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